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  1. Variegated Plants
  2. [Need Advice] Clumping bamboo
  3. [Need Advice] Caladium Advice
  4. Microsorum steerei - syn. - Microsorum thailandicum
  5. [Photos] Not the average Abelia
  6. Overcrowded Cannas - any hope?
  7. [Need Advice] info on tradescantia zanonia please
  8. [Need Advice] Pussy Willow propagation in water
  9. [Need Advice] Need info on gunnera manicata
  10. [Need Advice] verigated weigala
  11. [Need Advice] pond plants
  12. Gardenia seed sprouted
  13. will crotons root from leaf cuttings?
  14. castor bean
  15. [Need Advice] Propagation of Butterfly Bush?
  16. [Need Advice] What do baby daturas look like?
  17. [Photos] Gunnera
  18. [Need Advice] Jack Bean info?
  19. [Need Advice] Bringing Cannas out of Dormant Storage
  20. [Need Advice] Growing Caladiums
  21. [Need Advice] Does Anybody Burn their Ornamental Grasses?
  22. [Photos] Growing Gunnera
  23. Help with my Yucca Cane
  24. Wet area shrub ideas?
  25. [Need Advice] Pruning Holly
  26. Crepe Myrtle question
  27. [Need Advice] Dioscorea elephantipes
  28. Canna question
  29. New Photos of Giant Chinese Silver Grass
  30. birds of pardise and banna trees
  31. bamboo
  32. [Need Advice] Lantana Seed Pods
  33. [Need Advice] help me with bottle brush and lantana
  34. Hosta...is it ready?
  35. Need advice - want to eradicate Yucca
  36. [Need Advice] What to plant as a 'screen' between properties?
  37. [Need Advice] Purple Leaf Shamrock
  38. [Need Advice] Snowball & Hydrangea cuttings
  39. Lost Fern Spores
  40. Walking onion help needed please
  41. [Need Advice] Growing Bottlebrush
  42. Ornamental bananas
  43. Anyone grow ginger?
  44. [Need Advice] Forsythia Question(s)
  45. [Need Advice] Cypress Vine
  46. [Need Advice] Ground covers for Michigan winters
  47. [Need Advice] Overgrown Fern
  48. [Need Advice] Is "Emerald Gaiety" Invasive in zone7
  49. [Need Advice] Pieris Japonica "Dorothy Wyckoff"
  50. [Need Advice] Purple Fountain Grass
  51. ID Resolved - Pink Muhly Grass
  52. Anyone else into Bonsai types?
  53. [Need Advice] 'white christmas' caladium- info please
  54. [Need Advice] Buddha Belly plant (Jatropha podagrica)
  55. [Photos] cardboard palm
  56. [Photos] Saxifraga stolonifera
  57. [Need Advice] rooting stawberry begonia
  58. [Need Advice] Sowing Castor Beans
  59. cardboard palm experiment-join in
  60. [Photos] Neoreglia Schultsiana Variegated
  61. [Need Advice] Elaeagnus
  62. Gunnera Manicata Seed Update
  63. [Need Advice] Adenium replanting advice needed
  64. Love Hostas? Look Here
  65. what's the largest hosta ?
  66. mimosa?
  67. [Photos] white Lilac
  68. [Photos] Pink Azalea
  69. [Need Advice] One of my azaleas is sick!
  70. [Need Advice] What to use repotting Fern
  71. Be honest, do you or do you not prune...
  72. [Photos] Musa 'Siam Ruby'
  73. [Need Advice] Bishop's Week (aka Goutweed or Snow on the Mountain)
  74. [Need Advice] Hardy Hibiscus-need advise
  75. [Photos] Show your Variegated plants
  76. [Need Advice] What is going on with this caladium?
  77. [Photos] Mushrooms Abound-Join In
  78. [Need Advice] Hens and chick question
  79. [Need Advice] Brugmansia trouble
  80. [Photos] Graptopetalum paraguayense - Gray Ghost
  81. [Photos] Bromeliad Blooms! Join In..
  82. [Photos] Alocasia 'Nishihira'
  83. [Need Advice] Wisteria
  84. [Need Advice] Need calathea help
  85. [Photos] Sansevieria - I did it! I shouldn't have but I did.
  86. [Photos] A calathea thread...show yours.
  87. [Photos] Life cycle of the Ae Ae banana
  88. [Need Advice] Pitcher plants
  89. Name please?
  90. [Photos] foliage that caught my eye....
  91. [Photos] Century plant, Agave
  92. [Need Advice] Storing caladium tubers
  93. [Need Advice] Is red star cordyline "hardy"?
  94. [Need Advice] EE Question
  95. [Need Advice] Red Yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora)
  96. [Need Advice] Alocasia reginula Question
  97. [Photos] Nature's Gift Once Again in different form
  98. [Need Advice] My poor china doll plant
  99. [Need Advice] Snake gourds
  100. Plant ID please