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  1. Plant Swap in Louisiana
  2. Luziana
  3. new from Louisiana
  4. Good Morning from Louisiana
  5. From Louisiana
  6. re: have pinecone ginger to swap
  7. Newbie from Louisiana
  8. mowing - out of shape
  9. Possible plant swap (LA & AR state line)
  10. Plant swap August 22...Magnolia, AR (about 1 1/2 hours from Shreveport)
  11. long time no SEE
  12. I had to resort to....
  13. [Photos] First Datura bloom of the season!
  14. flowers indoors and out...
  15. [Photos] Oh Happy Day-----Oh Happy Day---
  16. [Photos] An aging shrimp plant
  17. [Photos] Third Time a Charm
  18. [Photos] A Mixed Bag, or Basket Should I Say:)
  19. [Photos] An Added Bonus
  20. [Photos] Intermingling
  21. [Photos] Shrimp Plant brings new colors!
  22. [Photos] A little experiment
  23. [Photos] I Don't Know The Whys but .....
  24. [Photos] 1st Xmas Cactus blooms of season!
  25. [Photos] Wanna Be Blooms
  26. [Photos] Frozen In Time?
  27. [Photos] Braving The Elements
  28. [Photos] What a Difference A Season Makes
  29. [Photos] Paperwhite Narcissus
  30. [Photos] A Double Take
  31. [Photos] A Good Head Start With.....
  32. [Photos] Growing Hyacinths Down South
  33. [Photos] My 1st Daffodil :)
  34. [Photos] 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'
  35. [Photos] Some Spectacular Glow of Color
  36. [Photos] Cleomes in the Garden
  37. [Photos] Jade Princess Ornamental Millet
  38. [Photos] First Daylily 'out the gate'
  39. [Photos] 1st Asiatic Lily of the season
  40. [Photos] Oh what a night for blooms
  41. [Photos] Talk drink water about to bloom
  42. [Photos] Just Couldn't Resist These 2 Poinsettia Plants
  43. [Photos] Pics of myPlants out side
  44. Louisiana Growers
  45. Native plants and gardening for wildlife.
  46. [Photos] It finally bloomed!!!
  47. [Photos] Anticipation ...
  48. Ground orchids blooming now?
  49. Hi!
  50. [How To] Happy!Happy!Happy!
  51. [Photos] Bee breakfast on fire bush
  52. [Need Advice] Chinese lantern plant
  53. [Photos] Wonderful surprise!
  54. [Photos] Had to share my new Spathyglottis(ground orchid)!
  55. [Photos] A little color in the midst of all this cold!
  56. [Photos] Today's Christmas Cactus photos!
  57. [Photos] Something rarely seen here
  58. [Photos] Frozen Camellias in New Orleans
  59. [Photos] My hoyas are growing - Yea!
  60. [Photos] It's a GOOD morning indeed!
  61. Hi fellow LA gardeners!