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Old 04-30-2008, 07:48 PM
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UnhappyJust need some understanding - damaged plants

Yesterday I was all set to come home from work and work in my garden. Well, I got home and the lawn guys had come yesterday to cut our grass. They had cut down three of my cypress leyland trees with the weed whacker. I was so upset I went to bed and cried myself to sleep at 6 pm. But after I had called the lawn service to complain. Every week they cut down at least one of my trees/bushes (okay, small sticks but they will grow). This morning before I went to work I checked the rest of my two acre yard. In addition to the 3 cypress leyland trees they cut down 8 mock orange bushes/sticks and 4 crepe myrtle. I cried all the way to work (and that's 30 minutes worth of traveling).

Now a total of 6 trees, 5 crepe myrtles (trees and bushes) about 12 mock orange, three rose of sharon, numerous forsythia (I quit counting) and several sedum clusters and oh yeah the 3 cypress leyland have been chopped up.

The lawn service is going to reimburse me for my trees/shrubs/sticks but I don't think they really get it. Man some of those trees I planted when it was just 40 degrees outside. I was cold. You can't repay that.

Good thing I like to garden and that I use it as therapy. I guess as I'm digging the holes I can stomp all I want to and pretend that it's the lawn guys I'm mad at.

I don't want to fire them because it sure is nice having the yard done but don't you think that they could be a little more careful?

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for listening.
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Old 04-30-2008, 08:21 PM
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Oh wow!!! I'm so sorry...

Since you like having your yard done, could you get the guys out there one day and point at the things you want left standing. Like say, "Here, buddy. DO NOT cut this down. Stay back." Or try painting your trees/sticks/bushes orange around the bottom. That's what folks do around here. They only do it until things get big enough to where you KNOW no one will accidentally cut it down. And you just KNOW those guys know when they cut something down. And they're thinking, "Oops, hope she don't notice that..."

Either that or get a new company to do your work.

I really feel bad for you. If someone did that to MY stuff, I'd have heads!! And those heads would roll!

I'm so sorry that happened!! When I get some more Forsythia rooted, I will send you some just because.

Cheer up! God will send you some birds who are just chock FULL of good 'crap.' (HAHAHA)
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Old 04-30-2008, 08:29 PM
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Let me start with a sholder to cry on and a tissue for your nose, I know how you feel except the one who keeps mowing my stuff down is Paul and I don't even pay him too! SO... I started to put BIG stakes out where the plants were/are its better that way for both I put too much stuff around for him to keep up with/rember where they are and since I have done this I have had fewer "decaps" of my plants trust me I KNOW how you feel he took out 10 new Blue Spruces last year and about 20 lilys and half of my lily of the valley, But I love him too much to fire him... So try staking them with names the Guys are bound to notice but now that you have complained and they are ponying up cash for their mistakes they may be abit more careful when it comes to you back yard, Sorry to hear this happend to you hopefully they will still grow or you will get some even better replacements and this time you will be able to plant them in warmer weather, thats looking at the brighter side! Sorry again, Jes
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Old 04-30-2008, 08:49 PM
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I feel your pain...

Oh my dear I can not imagine the heartache of what they have caused. I have had on a milder scale some similar things. My moms dog ate my gorgeous peach tree which was an anniversary gift from a dear friend. The dog was an old english mastiff. So anyway...nothing which compares to your loss. I would have cried too. I can just feel the pain in my chest thinking what it would have been like to drive up and find my plants in that state. Like you said you cannot buy back the time and energy you put in. I am glad to hear they are reimbersing the cost of the plants. I hope it starts getting better for you!!
A little none sense now and then is relished by the wisest men!
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Old 04-30-2008, 09:44 PM
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Let me see what I can do to help...

I have forsythia (lots of it), fuschia rose of sharon, fuschia crepe myrtle, and a few white crepes. The sedum will grow back from the roots. I wish I could help with the mock orange-maybe someone else has some. I can get a package in the mail for you this weekend if you'd like. I know it doesn't make it all better but you know we all feel your pain and I really want to see you looking forward -so anything I can do to help-LMK
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Old 04-30-2008, 10:19 PM
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I was worried that my trees/sticks would be mowed so I tied yellow marking tape around them and mulched a pile of pine bark chips about 3 feet across around them. My next step was going to be hammering in rebar in the ground near them but so far the yellow tape has worked.
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Old 05-01-2008, 04:42 AM
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so sorry snow- I feel your pain also. How can I help?
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Old 05-01-2008, 06:20 AM
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Oh So sorry

I am so sorry to hear this. I can imagine what you felt like when you discovered this. I would have cried too. I just feel so bad for ya. I'm hoping some of the great people on here will help you out. They are all so kind and generous. I wouldnt be surprised if you got way more than you have lost. Keep your head up!!
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Old 05-01-2008, 07:59 AM
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Well, they are going to pay.

The guy who owns the company is the uncle of the kids my daughter used to baby sit for. I'm sure that he will take care of it. Since he is a friend...of a friend...I didn't want to say anything at first BUT today I went and looked some more and sure enough in addition to this there are three maple trees and 9 forsythia bushes along with 3 sticks that were in the ground. They even knocked over (partway) one of the tomato cages I have protecting some of my trees...they didn't get the trees.

I appreciate everyone volunteering to send me stuff but let's wait. Let's let these people pay. But what ever I get I'll find a place to plant.

On most of the smaller stuff I did have sticks and bright yellow, orange, or green tape - waving in the wind. However, I like the idea of spraying them bright orange. My yard looks like a stick anyway with all of them that I have in the ground and some of the sticks are 5 foot tomato sticks. These guys were just mad.

As for the crepe myrtle...I planted alternating bushes and trees and matched them up on the other side (11 plants on one side of the garden to match 11 plants on the other side of the garden). It's a 120' x 60' memorial garden and I planted double rows on the back and the sides and crepe myrtle in the front. At this point I haven't figured out what I have to order but I will - probably tonight or tomorrow night. (I have to take my loss in pieces.) If I had wanted to put up a fence to keep the deer out of the garden I wouldn't have go to the trouble to plant plants they don't like. With all of the stakes I have to put up a fence would have looked better.

Oh well, thanks for all of your caring...and yes, I can't wait for the birds to appear. I can't wait until next spring when it's a little more grown and then I can plant things inside the garden. I'm trying to be patient and let nature do it's think but do you think the guys mowing could cooperate a little more.

AND the last thing that I'm doing is having a friend of mine put in spanish PLEASE DO NOT MOW HERE.

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Old 05-01-2008, 11:00 AM
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Well that stinks - it is heartbreaking when all your hard work is "ruined", not to mention losing all that growing time. Wish I had some 'sapplings' to send but my yard is in the infancy stages.
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Old 05-01-2008, 01:09 PM
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Yep, that's what they were. Now if I got to a nursery to replace them I'll have to dig bigger holes. Yuk!!!

I can't order from the place I got them because it's too late to put your order in for the spring. So I'm looking for another place. It's just so time consuming. Not to mention that the time takes me away from sites like this.

This is way more fun.
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Old 05-01-2008, 01:51 PM
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Aw DANG! I feel your pain, Snowy!
SHEESH! I'd be fit to be tied if so much of my spring planting work was undone!
But with a property the size of yours, I definitely wouldn't want to give up the mowing help,
so I'm glad that they are going to try to make it right, it's only fair that they should.

I don't know how badly they mangled your Mock Orange shrubs,
but perhaps there is a ray of hope for those and your Forsythias,
those are both quite capable of coming back from the roots.

And, Crepe Myrtle and Rose of Sharon can do that too,
in fact, I'm having a devil of a time getting rid of some Crepe Myrtle!
I keep cutting them down ... right down to the ground ...
and they keep growing right back up ... ... thicker and bushier than ever!

So if the rootstock of some of your plants is still healthy ....
I'd probably dig up what remains, and put them in pots where I could nurse them along this summer ...
you may just be able to save at least some of them and add them back into your landscape next spring.
~*~ Zuzu ~*~

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Old 05-02-2008, 03:29 AM
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I beleive the mock orange will come back. I bought one last year and the nursery had all the limbs cut down. It is still growing . I think most of your things will come back and most likly be bushier.
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Old 05-02-2008, 08:28 AM
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Days later

Yea, I'm such a sap. Give me a few days and I'll forgive you for anything.

I think everything will probably come back...I was just heart broken...
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