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Old 06-11-2014, 08:27 PM
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Silver Inch Plant (aka Green & Silver Wandering Jew)

I've long been familiar with the Wandering Jew plant, I remember it being an indoor staple (that African Violets & Spider Plants) for most grandmothers in my area growing up. What I hadn't seen or been aware of until a few years ago, was a variety of Wandering Jew with green leaves & silver stripped variegation accents. When I crossed paths with this little plant, I immediately recognized its design, but not its coloration. And most especially its complete lack of any purple hints or accents. The nursery where and when we met had it labeled:

Silver Inch Plant

I've since researched, and found various versions of the Wandering Jew plant with much less purple, save for the foliage's undersides. Nothing I'm finding in my online travels displays a Wandering Jew absent purple entirely, as I had seen (and once owned). I'm hoping a more knowledgeable party can step forward and directly identify the variety I've mentioned, easing my mind and aiding me in acquiring a replacement specimen.

For further clarity, the leaves were a steady green on the surface with bold silver stripes. The underside as I recall was a more pale color of green with no hints of purple whatsoever. There was no purple to be found on the plant at all. I've seen traditional Wandering Jews with some patches that displays similarities on the surface in and amongst their growth (usually with the typical purple found beneath) , but never an entire plant absent the purple until my aforementioned encounter.
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Old 06-11-2014, 08:42 PM
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look up a Tradescantia fluminensis it a green and silver wandering jew plant
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