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Old 08-29-2016, 12:08 PM
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Bolting Basil?

What do you do when your Basil plant goes to flower?

Can I just remove the flowers and it will resume growing again, or are the leaves now going to taste differently?

I really love basil with my eggs in the morning..I can't seem to get enough. The plants can't keep up. I need to propagate them or something :O
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Old 08-29-2016, 12:31 PM
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Hi Stuart, I always cut my plant back by half when it's flowers turn brown. I just did mine August 1st. I take those cutting & place in plastic shopping bags & hang under cover in my warm garage so they dry & drop seeds that I save for next year. I live in zone 9 so it's like planting a new plant. Right away each node on the bare lower stems send out new leaves & branches that extend the season until a first freeze finishes them about Nov. 1st. By the way you can sow seeds any time & grow indoors by a sunny window.

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Old 08-29-2016, 01:55 PM
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TrudyBee, thanks a lot. I almost threw away the browned flowers that were on the plant. I stopped pulling the stems off when I realized I should ask first.

Would putting them in a dehydrator speed up the seeding process?
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