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Old 07-06-2007, 10:03 AM
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Organic Fertilizers

Does anyone here use organic fertilizers? Any comments on this article I found?
Quote :
6 Of The Top Organic Fertilizers

Organic Fertilizers

Some of the most important organic fertilizers are fish emulsion, seaweed, earthworm castings, bone meal, kelp meal, and rock phosphates. These natural fertilizers will improve your plants, especially yield plants, and are great for the soil. Not only do they nourish your plants but the soil as well so that it is healthy enough to support whatever you decide to plant. It is quite easy to match the organic fertilizer to the plant you need it for thus improving the plants and making them healthier. They also tell you how often to use them so that you donít overdo. Some fertilizers are longer lasting and do not have to be applied as often.

Fish Emulsion and Seaweed

This combination of organic fertilizer is just about as good as one can get. They are high in trace minerals that plants need and help to establish root growth. The joining of the two makes the best complete fertilizer so there is no need to add anything else. Fish emulsions made from fish or fish by-products along with seaweed, a saltwater plant can give you a very healthy plant or plants.

Earthworm Castings

Earthworms are burrowers. While burrowing in the soil they swallow the soil that contains organic matter. It is then ground up in the gizzard and expelled as castings. These castings aerate the soil and have over 60 trace minerals that are needed by plants. Do not use chemical fertilizers near earthworms as it is toxic to them.

Bone Meal

Due to the slow release of this organic fertilizer it is safer when transplanting new plants and lowers transplant shock. It promotes a healthy root system. It contains calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus and is one of the best plant foods.

Kelp Meal

This fertilizer is made from dried seaweed and is used as an additive with other organic fertilizers. It is high in plant food growth hormones which will help your plants to grow bigger and stronger. It is also thought that plants that this is used on develop a resistance to pests and disease.

Rock Phosphates

It is not only a natural source of calcium, phosphates, and trace minerals but it improves the soil and is one of the best fertilizers for transplanting young plants since it does not burn roots. It is also a slow dissolver in water which makes it last a lot longer than most others.

Organic fertilizers are the best for your garden, flowers, and your lawn. They provide natural elements to the soil and plants which is very beneficial to the environment. Today when everything we eat and use is chemically altered in one way or another it is refreshing to know that we can get back to the basics and perhaps be healthier in the future. After all most of these elements have been around for centuries.

Jim's articles are from extensive research on each of his topics. You can learn more of organic and natural fertilizers by visiting: Organic Fertilizers

Article Source:
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Old 07-06-2007, 10:16 AM
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Home remedies for the garden?

Another article I found that I thought was interesting. Have you tried any of these ideas before?
Quote :
Cost Effective Gardening

Do you have troublesome weeds in the garden? Is the earth crying out for feeding? Slugs a problem? Your neighbor cats use your garden as a toilet? Do you want to solve these problems but donít want to use chemicals or part with too much cash? You should have a look in and around your home; you will find everything you need to help with the above.

Problem weeds? Next time you boil some eggs donít drain the water down the sink. The water left over from the boiled eggs is one of the best weed killers. Just pour over the weed while the water is still hot and after a week the weed will have died.

Once youíve shelled the eggs, donít bin the egg shell. Place it around the bottom of plants that the slugs enjoy eating. Slugs donít like the sharp edges of the shells and will give your plant a wide berth. Donít eat eggs? Donít worry, lay out some plastic trays (the ones you use at the bottom of the plant pots), sink in areas of the garden level with the soil and pour in some beer. The slugs will perish but at least theyíll go happy!

Wondering what else you could do with those egg shells? Sweet peas love them. When youíve made the hole to plant the sweet peas put in some egg shell before placing the plant. The sweet peas thrive on the nutrients the shells hold and you have will have stronger plants and more flowers.

Is your garden starving? When out for a walk gather up some nettles and dock leaves and put them in a hessian or muslin bag. Place the bag in a bucket of water. When the water turns green dilute the solution in a watering can (about 1 cupful per can). The solution will feed everything in the garden, even the lawn!

Another idea if cats are messing your garden, soak used teabags and some cloves of garlic in water for about a week. Fill your watering can and soak around the edges of the garden. Your garden may not smell of roses for a day or two but it should solve the problem of the cats.

If you have enjoyed this article please visit my blog at or my review website at - Thank you and happy gardening

Article Source:
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Old 07-06-2007, 10:31 AM
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I use the egg shells for the slugs, and it do work.
I will also be trying the tea mixture for the cats soon.
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Old 09-15-2007, 08:48 AM
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~~~~~~~~from "Trowel & Error" by Sharon Lovejoy~~~~~~~~~~~~

Coat weedeater line with mineral oil or spray with Pam to keep from breaking or sticking.

Paint inch & foot marks on the wooden handles of hoes, shovels, & rakes. Use whenever measuring in the garden (ex. when spacing seeds or transplants).

Lay an old ladder flat on the ground & fill the spaces between the steps w/ soil to create raised beds. Slip a scrap of foam rubber pipe insulation over tool handles for a better grip.

Cut worn out black or dark green hoses into 3 foot sections & paint the hose w/ patterns to resemble snakeskins. Drape over tree branches, etc.

Glue a small mirror onto a yardstick to check the undersides of leaves for pests. Ideal for a gardener who has trouble bending over.

Rub the fresh leaves of these plants onto your skin & hair to ward off pesky insects: sweet basil, pennyroyal, lemon balm, lemon thyme, orange bergamot, mint, peppermint, spearmint, catmint, & Japanese mint.

To deter rabbits - Encirle plants w/ sweet gum balls, pressing firmly in the soil. Sourround plants with a thick planting of garlic & wormwood. Sprinkle baby powder or garlic powder on plants.

If youíre bitten or stung, press a crushed garlic clove or slice of onion directly onto the insect bite. Leave on at least 20 minutes. Both have anti-inflammatory, counter irritant, and anti-bacterial properties.{{{{ON A PERSONAL NOTE, MY HUSBAND IS A SMOKER & HE TAUGHT ME TO TAKE A LITTLE TOBACCO, MOISTEN WITH SALIVA, & APPLY TO A STING.}}}}
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Old 09-15-2007, 11:16 AM
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Great suggestions Kathy. We need to share such ideas more. Anyone else have some gardening tips?
Bob from Austin TX, Zone 8b/9a
"Southeast Texas Gardening"
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Old 12-18-2007, 04:04 AM
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Hi Plantswap and Kathy547 those are great tips.

I will have to keep them in mind. THe cat deterrent will be the first tip to be put in practice here.

I do not mind cats visiting, but I just planted new seedlings and would want to protect them.
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