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Old 05-18-2009, 07:23 AM
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Got one more

My plants are not big enough for me to use this one yet. Here goes, ya know those bugs that like to hide on the under side of plant leaves? Put tin foil around the stem carefully not actualy touching the plant,circulation. It reflects the light, which is the reason they are on the underside in the first place.
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Old 05-18-2009, 08:33 AM
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Some things I found on another site. I've used the alcohol and peroxide mixtures with great results.

Equal parts rubbing alcohol and water, 1 squirt liquid dish soap.
Spray on affected plants. Repeat as eggs hatch.

1/3 cup hydrogen peroxide, 2/3 cup water, 1 squirt liquid dish soap.
Spray on affected plants once a day til problem is solved.

ALSO take the hose and give a hard spray to all parts of the plant once a day - spider mites like warm dry places, the hosing usually takes care of them.

1 cup skim milk, 9 cups water
Spray on to plants that are usually bothered by mildew.
Spray before the problems occur.

1 gallon vinegar, 1 cup salt, 8 drops liquid dish soap
Mix together and spray on plants

Immediately wash clothing in hot soapy water. Shower.
Make a POTION up by chopping up all parts of IMPATIENS PLANT (except roots) in a blender with some water. Whiz it all up to liquify. Put into microwave and bring to boil. Cool. (you can strain it if you want. Keep in jar in frig or make into ice cubes and store in ziploc bag in freezer.
Rub this solution on wherever you have poison ivy blisters or itching. The itch will be gone within a few minutes. This works better than any over the counter medicine, calamine lotion or other remedy. I found this "recipe" in a Prevention Magazine about 30 years ago and it has always worked.
Get rid of that poison ivy!

Scratch some of the POISON IVY POTION into the bite area and it will relieve the itching. OR just pick an IMPATIENS leaf, crush it up to get the juice and scratch that into the bite area.
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Old 05-18-2009, 10:13 AM
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great ones guys! i need to go buy some impatients!
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Old 05-19-2009, 10:56 AM
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if you see a person that has hiccups heres what ya do.when you say it you got to mean it it goes.....Is that your $20.00 on the ground.I swear it works everytime.I guess its something in your brain or see what money can do.When I was in the emergency room the doc came into the room with surgar in his hand and he had the hiccups and I did that to him and told him that he would get my bill in the morning and he just laughed and thanked me.He was amazed.
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Old 05-19-2009, 11:43 AM
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I love tips like these! I'm heading outside right now to put tin foil around my squash!

Here's a few more of mine:

Cheap mineral oil is the best eye makeup remover.

One of my lazy "lose weight/tone muscles" tricks: buy 5 lb. velcro ankle weights and 1 or 2 lb. wrist weights and wear them all day around the house (I've been known to wear them on the super casual errands!). You are burning more calories and toning your arms & legs at the same time. Esp. if you climb stairs! When I'm on the phone, I will do leg raises and arm raises with them.

My itchy bug bite remedy (incl. mosquitoes) is plain old vinegar straight from the bottle. Itching stops immediately.

To prevent bites (chiggers/fleas/mosquitoes), I use the generic brand of Mint Listerine. I just rub it all over, and it lasts all day in the garden. And bugs LOVE me otherwise.

I keep my camera in the car with me and snap photos of gardening ideas.

I use the jumbo plastic coffee cans for my veggie scraps. When it's full, I empty it in my big composter outside.

Thanks for the great stuff, everybody!

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Old 05-23-2009, 11:21 AM
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I agree, great tips and suggestions everyone!
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Old 05-23-2009, 01:54 PM
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This year we replaced some cheap mini blinds with some better ones. Instead of throwing out the old ones I cut the strings out, then took each slat and cut it into plant markers for my pots. At first I wrote on them with bic "permanent" markers, but between mistings and taking them outside then in on cold nights the ink vanished

(Yes, I have about 40 little plants that I have no idea what kind of flower they are and about 20 tomato and pepper plants that I have no idea what variety they are)

But I started more and that time I wrote on the blind then sealed it with cellophane tape and they have worked beautifully.

I have enough slats to make about ...well I don't know, but it's gonna be alot.
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Old 05-23-2009, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by sterling View Post:
I know everyone has a few, but I thought it would be nice to have a little spot for all the natural remedies, & secrets everyone has. For example:

Slugs: Beer
Pour beer into a bowl, it attracts the slugs to crawl into it, they get drunk and die.

Cinnamon: Fungus
Cinnamon is a natural fungicide..
Thank you, especially for the latter. I am going to give my roses a good dose of cinnamon.
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Old 05-27-2009, 11:11 AM
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Great aphid and mite killer

Lemon juice! I mix lemon dish detergent (not the antibacterial) lemon juice, and water together and spray it on my plants. Bugs do not like citric acid or lemon smells and they stay away.
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Old 07-05-2009, 06:12 AM
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SmileWhat to do with tiny gnats in my plants

Help!!!I have teeny tiny gnats like on all of my house plants ,,they seem to be in the soil...what can i get to put on them to get rid of them,,,and not hurt my plants,,I will welcome any and all suggestions,,thank you for your time and kindness,,take care God bless you and your loved ones,,,Cassie
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Old 07-05-2009, 08:48 AM
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cassie - it sounds like Fungus gnats. Here is a link that might help you.
God made rainy days, so gardeners could get the housework done.
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Old 07-05-2009, 11:46 AM
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Sterling, do you mix the cinnamon with water or just sprinkle it on?

Great tips here indeed!
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Old 09-17-2009, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by ChrisVyper View Post:
1 Grocery bags/other plastics:
2 Styrofoam and Acetone:

Hope everyone finds this helpfull, btw instructables is a great DIY/DIY "ecoGREEN" site.

Thanks for the sites
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Old 09-17-2009, 05:59 AM
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I got this from a differnt sight but Im totaly gonna try it
~ Fish Head Tea
1) Get an empty 5 gal. WITH A LID
2) Throw the fish heads or fish parts into an empty bucket, you only need enough to cover the bottom
3) fill up with water
5) Let it brew for 2 weeks
6) get another empty 5 gal. bucket- scoop a coffee can (like a large Folgers plastic container) full of the dark stinky mixture into 2nd bucket- fill that with water- (so now it's diluted).
7) CAREFULLY scoop out a quart of this stinky mix and ladle onto each plant-(and I mean carefully- if you get this on your hands or body, it will be VERY difficult to remove!)
8)Apply it especially just before or after it rains
and a couple more
There is phosphorus in the matches, which stimulates blooms, phosphorus- it builds bigger & better blooms on anything
~ chopped banana peels in my passion vines because the potassium promotes blooms
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Old 09-17-2009, 06:31 AM
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I read somewhere to get rid of Fire Ants Cut up orange peels and sprinkle on your lawn.. They hate the citrus.. Now IDK if this works, but I'm about to try it!! We have HUGE Fire ant Hills..
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