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Old 06-05-2013, 10:53 AM
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SmileDesert Rose

I have a beautiful desert rose. I have had it for quite sometime now. It has done very well here in the sunshine state of FL. Right now the afternoon showers start. I haven't in the past but should I move it on to the porch so it doesn't get soaked? I know they don't like to be really wet. Since I have had the desert rose I have never pruned it. Honestly I never thought I needed it. Never have had a problem with it blooming or sprouting new growth. Should I do that now? It is June so I am thinking it might be to late to prune now. One more question. I have it in a good size pot since I bought it but I am thinking I might repot it into a even bigger pot and hopefully not have to move it again. It really seems to be ok in the pot it's in. I just don't want it to to die. It looks so beautiful with all the flowers. All though some have been falling off lately.
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Old 06-05-2013, 03:00 PM
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A photo would be a very helpful tool to help answer a few of your questions.

If you are getting unusual amounts of rain from what you would normally get, it might be worth having some protection from excessive water. If you have colder nights with a lot of excess moisture could contribute to root rot.
With you living in Florida with generally warm/hot temps. you are in a good climate for the Adeniums.
Another factor for a lot of rainwater is also what planting medium you have it planted in. Free draining mix or not.
If you have not repotted it in some time (not sure how long we are speaking of) it could use a freshening up of a new soil.
Pruning is selective. Depends on growth as to whether it is leggy or whether you want to have a more compact plant.
I know a gentleman in Florida and he prunes his Adeniums after their first bloom in spring and then they push out new growth with more blooms. You can do this where you are because you have a longer growing season than many of us.

I prune mine older plants as I want a compact growth and with more lateral branches, normally means more blooms.
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