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Old 06-25-2009, 09:49 AM
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Arrow** Trading Rules and Guidelines **

Please abide these rules and guidelines if you wish to participate in trading plants/seeds on this site:
  • No selling allowed - This forum exists to facilitate trading of plants/seeds amongst gardeners who just enjoy gardening/plants. All requests to buy or sell plants/seeds or anything other will be deleted. Members who receive solicitations via PM should report it and forward the PM to the moderating team.
    (If you have a commercial interest in selling plants, you can contact the administrators/site owners for information on advertising on this site.)
    *And, by extension, any requirement of a buy-in/registration/participation/membership/etc. fee (be it by cash, check, money order, prepaid cards, US postage, ETC) for any activity that is conducted on the PlantSwap site would not be in keeping with this rule prohibiting selling.
    ** Fundraising and/or requests for monetary donations are not acceptable at without specific permission from the owners/admins.
  • Offering plants/seeds for postage is allowed - but if the postage requested is excessive (when not asking for SASE, etc.), it will be considered selling. See point above.
  • Don't offer/ask for plants that are illegal to own/grow/propogate within the USA - we don't want the legal liability.
  • Don't upload copyrighted material that doesn't belong to you - Doing so without the express permission of the copyright owner is wrong and those items must be removed to protect the PlantSwap site and it's owners from finding themselves having to deal with complaints about copyright infringment. We welcome the sharing of YOUR photos and ideas, but if you should choose to share anyone else's material (including photos, articles, drawings, etc.), post a link to it rather than copying and re-posting them here at PlantSwap.
  • Arrange trades via PM - Do not post personal contact information (phone numbers, email address, home address, etc.) in the public areas of the forum. The forum PM system will send you an email notification when you have a message.
  • When mailing your trade package, include your username in/on the package - Members may have many trades arranged and not remember who is sending them what. Don't assume they will know who the package is from.
  • Know your postal regulations - It's your responsibility to comply with laws regarding import and export of plants/seeds across State or International borders.
  • *** This is a laissez faire medium *** - Neither I nor the forum moderator(s) want to inherit the job of trade mediator. You are on your own with regards to trading with anyone on this site.
  • Use the iTrader system - It's highly recommended to use this system to acknowledge members for a deal concluded satisfactorily and to express disappointment in a deal gone sour. There is a tutorial (with pictures) showing how to use the iTrader system step by step here (links to another site). Flame wars, arguments about a trade, etc. are not tolerated in the forums. iTrader is your only tool for publicly communicating satisfaction or dissapointment with a trade to the forum membership.
  • Post notices for private trades in the Private Trades forum - If you initiate a trade with a member via PM/email after finding something in their have/want list (on their profile page), you can post a notice for that trade (for the iTrader system) in the Private Trades forum. Do not post such notices in the Exchange forum. The Exchange forum is for posting offers/requests only.

While not rules/guidelines, I'd also suggest these tips for the membership:
  • mailing plants - tips for packaging your plants so they will survive the journey through the mail system.
  • Be smart when trading with members you don't know - Unless they have an outstanding iTrader history here, I'd suggest only modest trades (small or few items, nothing rare/valuable, etc.). Don't send anything that you aren't comfortable losing (without any reciprocation).
  • Set expectations when agreeing to a trade - Agreeing on when items will be shipped, how they will be shipped (# packages, how they are packed, how they are shipped [1st class, UPS/FedEx, etc.]), etc. can prevent a lot of problems (like members waiting to ship items until after they received their end of a trade and/or shipping items COD without any discussion/agreement).
  • Use delivery confirmation - It costs a little bit extra, but having documented proof that your package was shipped and/or received can help you should any disputes arise later.

Feel free to add your own suggestions/tips.
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Old 08-25-2009, 05:10 AM
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I got asked via email how one can post a list of seeds available for trade. I thought I'd post the answer here for all the new members:
Quote :

You can create a "have" list and a "want" list for your membership profile on this page:

Some members might contact you via PM to arrange trades based upon that.

You can also post an "Offering" thread in the Plant and Seed Exchange forum. To create a new thread, use the "new thread" button located at the top left of the page.
Pics of my back yard
Old 08-07-2012, 05:48 PM
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ArrowNotice of updated site policy regarding signature privileges

Updated site policy regarding signature privileges

As a part of ongoing administrative efforts to keep the site as spammer-free as we reasonably can for the members of our community, a new policy is being implemented;
Newly registered members will now be required to submit 20 posts **of reasonable quality** in our forums before they will be permitted to add an acceptable signature to their account.

As ever, acceptability of member signatures is based upon content and/or appearance, and unacceptable signatures may be edited or removed without notice. The content of member signatures is subject to the same conditions as any post in our forums - *please see forum rules posted upthread* - all PlantSwap Rules still apply.

If any member misuses or abuses site signature privileges, administrative action may be taken, up to and including the possible termination of the account.

**The goal of this policy is to reserve signature privileges for true community members and to withhold it from those whose intention it is to take advantage - so, if it becomes apparent that a newly joined member has set out to rapidly boost their post count with a bunch of "fluff & nonsense" (adding no content of value), those posts may be deleted without notice, and further administrative action may ensue.
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