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Old 12-05-2008, 11:27 AM
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QuestionGreenhouse costs?

This is a question on the operational costs of having a greenhouse. For those that do this during the winter monthes(or any cold time of the year or that matter), what is the monthly expenses?

Electricity?(I know costs vary a little from one part of the country to the next)
Size of greenhouse for comparison?(Lenght and width are good)

Do you use the electric for heat and lighting control? Or do you use something else for heat?

Scott (wondering about the future project) B
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Old 12-05-2008, 01:14 PM
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OOOH, hurry up and answer this man, I am looking to make the step into plastic greenhouse hood for a southern non floridian clime. Can people also talk about what their green house is made of. I was listening to a man in N.M. talk about doing a hard insulated Black painted block wall on the north to act as a thermal mass to maximize heat gain in the day and minimize heat loss at night. just keeping his southern roof and wall glass and plastic to . I have also been working with a material called polygal or twin wall that is a transparent, translucent (your choice) lexan product that is built like cardboard with square compartments joined together. It has a much greater R value than glass or single walled lexan.
It is more expensive and I am still wondering about the cost analysis of what this is worth to me. We built a solar powered wood kiln along these principle with just corrugated fiberglass at one point in my life and it would have made a great green house in the winter without heat. The guy in NM Z5 said he used very little heat in the winter.
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Old 12-08-2008, 10:05 AM
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From what I have learned, Polycarbonate is the best investment for a greenhouse. Provides good insulation and lasts for years. This past winter I had constructed a greenhouse out of construction plastic and pvc pipe. I had doors at both end so that I could vent the house. I had a cheap thermometer to read the inside and outside temperature. That greenhouse cost me a total of something like 25 bucks. lol. It did its job. It depends on how elaborate you want your system to be. You can do polycarbonate with steel constructed frame, heaters and fans inside on climate control but it will set you back a few dollars. I like the idea of using an insulated black wall on the north wall. You can find broken cement and blocks around town, paint them with non toxic black paint. Construct a frame yourself, and staple in some plastic, or use polycarbonate walls for better quality and longevity.
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Old 01-19-2009, 03:05 PM
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Greenhouse construction

I'd be interested in detailed instructions to build a greenhouse inexpensively. I'm not familiar with the materials mentioned previously, but would appreciate any info available from some of you guys out there who have done it. I have put corrugated fiberglass panels around my pump several years ago, and house my tender plants there for the winter, but it is too small to accomodate seedlings of any consequence. Since I live on a farm, space is unlimited (relatively) and I'd like to grow lots of different things. Looking forward to hearing from you experienced folks out there!!!
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Old 01-19-2009, 06:15 PM
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I use products from this mag to buid shade cloth for my porches. They also have a lot of products for agg strustures. Many different building systems:
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