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Old 04-24-2009, 02:01 PM
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Magnolia, AR (Arkansas/Louisiana state line) plant swap if enough interest

Magnolia is near the Arkansas/Louisiana state line & is about an hour, hour & a half from either Shreveport or Texarkana.
The dates I'm looking at (all Saturdays) are June 27, July 18, July 25, August 15, or August 22. From about 9 or 10 a.m. till 2 or 3 p.m. or whenever. Although these are hot months this would give everyone time to organize. The date we decide on will depend on the majority & where we meet.


Bring anything garden-related: plants, *cuttings, *bulbs, *seeds, birdhouses, feeders, windchimes, tools, books, potting soil, etc. Items can be handmade, homegrown, or store bought but please make sure everything's labeled.

*cuttings - 2 small or unrooted cuttings will count as 1
*Bulbs - small paper sack will count as 1
*seeds -10 packets of the same or different will count as 1

If you don't have anything to bring you can sign up to bring food, supplies, or door prizes. Absolutely no selling will be allowed. However, if you make stuff or have a business, you can have business cards & brochures to hand out.

The day of the swap you will come "check in" & receive tickets for the items you've brought. You will then take your tickets & items & set up your spot. Once everyone's checked in the actual swap will begin. Each person will take their tickets & start "shopping", buying items with their tickets. All items will be 1 ticket unless marked otherwise. Keep up with any tickets you have left because we'll draw for door prizes at some point. We will also take a break at some point to eat & visit!

***For people who want to bring food, supplies, or door prizes***

You will be given tickets to use for "buying" items & for the door prize drawings. The number of tickets you get depends on the number of items you bring. Once I have a head count I'll let you know so you can plan.

FOOD - Sandwiches, a bucket of chicken, whatever as main dish. Side Dishes, appetizers, desserts. Drinks & Ice - soda, tea, etc. Remember to bring a serving utensil with your dish if one is necessary.

SUPPLIES - paper plates, paper or plastic cups, plastic spoons or forks, napkins or paper towels, name tags or self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive labels in case something's not labeled or to write instructions on, large trash bags for cleaning up afterwards; toilet paper, soap, & paper towels for the bathroom (just in case), extra tables & chairs just in case someone needs one

DOOR PRIZES - Can be anything, garden related or not; handmade, store bought. It's up to you if you want to provide information, value, etc. to be read during the drawing.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED - To put flyers around your town in feed stores, etc. I'll make some up & send you copies or you can make your own. Help with the check-in process. Help with handing out door prizes. Cleaning up afterwards although I think we'll all pretty much pitch in for that. Just pitching in whenever an extra pair of hands is needed.

Depending on the number of people who sign up I've got a couple of location options. I'm looking for a free location but I'm wanting something covered in case of rain. So far I've got:

local city park - would be free but limited parking & just a few picnic tables under a roof but there's a large open area we could use. It's a park so there's stuff for any kids to do when they get bored. No guarntee that we'd get the spot, it's a first come situation.

state park - $60 to rent the pavilion, about 30 - 40 parking spots. Trails to hike & a gift shop to visit.

fairgrounds - plenty of parking & walking around space. Can rent either the pavilion or arts & crafts building for $300/both for $400. Pricy but we'd be covered.

If I can't find a free location & have to rent something, I'm going to have to ask everyone who participates to rent a booth. $5 for the state park & $10 for the fairgrounds (wouldn't be that much with more people coming). This money would go directly to the place we would be renting so I'd need to get that ASAP to reserve the location as I've been told the fairgrounds & the state park fill up fast.

This swap will be a go if I get enough people to sign up. Post here if you are interested in attending & if you would be signing up to bring food, supplies, or door prizes. I would also like your input on the location & date choices.

Once a date has been set, I'll move this to the calendar.
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Old 04-24-2009, 02:02 PM
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I'll sign myself up! Not sure what plants I'll be bringing - I'll post closer to the swap. I'll bring the tickets we'll be using for the swapping & door prizes. I'm also signing myself up to bring 2 door prizes. I have no problem with "renting" a booth for $5 or $10. Any date is fine with me except the last one is around the time school will be starting & I may be busy getting the kids ready.
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